Dysfunctionalware creates a shared workspace for the ongoing process of undoing racism and white supremacy on a personal level.  Dysfunctionalware is a series of dinner dialogues and a participatory art experience which establishes a shared work space for white people interested in combatting racism by spending an evening exploring their personal experience with race.

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Educating for Social Justice Meet Up

This is a meetup group for anyone in the St. Louis area interested in educating for social justice. Join our group to meet other teachers, parents, students and community activists interested in education and social justice. This meetup group is facilitated by members of The Literacy for Social Justice Teacher Research Group.

The Issues You Don't Talk About Cafe Meet Up

Here is your chance to move the water cooler at work out amongst the rest of the world. This multi-partisan group will talk about everything from politics to religion to race; the things that you aren’t supposed to talk about in public.

The NEW Underground Railroad Meet Up

This Meetup is a “safehouse” designed specifically for those who seek to finally obtain the freedom promised by Dr. Martin Luther King, overcoming those last few remaining chains of slavery: racism, dependency, and the self-defeating and erroneous belief that their progress in some way depends upon the beneficence of White people.

Understanding What it Means to be White and Privileged Journal by Tom Schweizer

The Journal was designed to help white people ask themselves questions about race and privilege that are often not asked in public or private conversations. It allows people to explore the background of long held beliefs and guide the user to develop and clarify thoughts about questions that are presented. It is designed for individual reflection, as well as making an excellent guide for group discussions.

W.E.B. Du Bois and Sociology Meet Up

This is a group for anyone interested in sociology, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois, and art as social commentary, i.e., film, music, paintings, etc.

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